Check out my new M/M Olympic story and this is my very first blog hop

As a brand new author I’m figuring out there is a sharp learning curve here. And a lot of firsts. First acceptance letter, edits, first cover requests, first websites, first blog hops and first release dates. And here I am with my first release date, Feb 7. So I’m doing my first blog hop to promote it. Do I have any clue what I’m doing, nope, not a one. So hang in there with me here. Anyways I’m glad to be a part of Cassandra Carr’s Sports Romance Blog Hop

If your torn like I am about watching Olympics like I am, get a small taste of a couple of the sports in my book.  A Stick and A Stone is a story about hockey and curling. Hockey, because my son has played it for years. Both ice and roller. In fact I was team Mom for a whole bunch of those years. Nothing like shepherding nine boys, ages 12 to 14 around to tournaments. Then in the 2010 Winter Olympics, curling became my new favorite sport. And yes, I was one of those fools up at all of the odd hours of the night watching it. And not just for the odd golf like print pants the Norwegian men’s team wore either. It was just fun to watch grown people sliding down the ice pushing these big “stones” towards the other end in a game that looks like shuffleboard meets the ice. And then there were those people with the brooms…well, you’ll have to check the game out. And read my book.

Here is the blurb followed by a small excerpt.

Olympic gold has always been Tony Marino’s dream, only two things stand in the way. His missing wrist shot and the testosterone filled world of hockey. He’s got to find one and ignore the other for his dream to come true.

Jamie Cunningham has his own dream of glory and gold with Team USA Curling. Who knew a look into the stands would score him more than just a gold medal.

Over the ruts on the ice and in life, Tony and Jamie find that there’s an even better prize than an Olympic gold medal.


“Looks like Grandda is going to be here a while, we could go get your car and head to my place.”

“Works for me, I just have an afternoon practice at four o’clock.” As Tony moved to the door, he turned to wait for Jamie, “So let’s go, then I can take off for practice from your place.” He could work on his shot by staying after practice if the ice was free. If it wasn’t, he’d find a local rink. They took their time, getting back to the rink. Tony had to ask, “So how did you get into curling?”

A sly grin moved across Jamie’s face, “Well as you can see from my massively huge size, all five foot nine inches and one hundred and fifty pounds that I could have played any sport I chose. But I didn’t want to show up the hockey players with my brawn. I didn’t have the heart to take a place on the speed skating teams, which worked out since I can barely stand on skates.” Drawing in a breath of the chilled air, Jamie continued, “I’m scared of heights, so ski jumping was out too. And I have to great a respect for not breaking my bones to try luge or bobsledding.”

“What? Wait, you can’t skate?” The disbelief on Tony’s face caused Jamie to start snorting with laughter. “But you’re on ice for curling, how could you not know how to skate?”

“Out of all that you picked up on the ‘I can’t skate part’? And I wear special shoes for that. I didn’t grow up on ice like you probably did.” With a lift of his eyebrows he silently asked if he could go on. Tony clamped his mouth shut quickly. “Anyway, Grandda had curled back in the homeland, and when I was growing up, he took me to matches when he could find them. I learned how to play early and I was good at it. So when it became an Olympic sport in 1998, it was decided that I’d do curling. I was seven. And I’ll be twenty three when the games start next February. I’ll be one of the youngest competitors in the curling competition.”

So there is a little taste of my book coming from MLR Press on February 7.  And tell me, what is your favorite Olympic sport? One person who comments will win a copy of A Stick and A Stone.

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4 responses to “Check out my new M/M Olympic story and this is my very first blog hop

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  2. normandiea

    Congrats on your first book! My favorite winter olympics sport is probably couple’s figure skating.

  3. Good luck with your first book, it’s my first time too! 🙂

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