Welcome to my site and here is an adult taste of my first published story

Just in time for the Winter Olympics, MLR Press is releasing my first story ‘A Stick and A Stone’ a story about a hockey player who meets a curler. Curling became the “IT” sport in the 2010 Olympics and I loved it. So I watched as much of it as I could. Even staying up a night to watch. So when the submission call for Olympic stories went out I knew mine had to have a curler in it. 

So here is a taste of A Stick and A Stone:

Olympic gold has always been Tony Marino’s dream, only two things stand in the way. His missing wrist shot and the testosterone filled world of hockey. He’s got to find one and ignore the other for his dream to come true.

Jamie Cunningham has his own dream of glory and gold with Team USA Curling. Who knew a look into the stands would score him more than just a gold medal.

Over the ruts on the ice and in life, Tony and Jamie find that there’s an even better prize than an Olympic gold medal.




They had spent about a half an hour skating around, building
up Jamie’s confidence. He had a natural ability on the ice. As they
made their last lap around the ice, Jamie got playful, bumping
into Tony, who had to bump back. Back and forth they went,
each time Jamie bumping just a bit harder, trying to knock Tony
off his skates if possible. Just as they got to where the penalty
boxes were, Tony must have decided that paybacks were in order.
With a gentle hip-check, he bumped Jamie over to the dasher
boards and through the door into the penalty box. With a startled
yelp and a grab at Tony’s arm, they both fell in, landing in a heap
on the floor.

The suspender on Tony’s hockey pants had fallen off his
shoulder and the waist got caught on the edge of the bench in the
box, leaving Tony with his pants down around his knees. Jamie
saw that instead of a jock strap Tony was wearing tight fitting
shorts that looked like they held his cup. Looking down farther,
Jamie saw Velcro tabs on the legs holding up Tony’s hockey sock.
Laughing, Jamie shook his head, “Well I did always wonder what
you wore under your hockey pants.” Jamie’s glance moved back
up to the cup that was now barely containing Tony’s engorged

“All you had to do was ask.” Following the direction of Jamie’s
stare, Tony leaned in to brush his lips against Jamie’s. “You know
what these boxes are called don’t you?”

Straining to sit up and reach Tony’s lip to deepen the kiss,
“They’re the penalty boxes aren’t they?”

Tony moved his hand down the chest underneath him, “Yes,
but they’re also called the sin bin. You want to sin with me in
here?” Reaching for the zipper on Jamie’s jeans, Tony slid it down
while waiting for an answer. Jamie moaned as Tony stroked the
length he’d found behind the zipper. They both watched it grow
till the plum shaped head peeked from beneath Jamie’s boxer-briefs.
There was pre-cum already starting to leak out of the slit.
Wasn’t that a beautiful sight!

Looking into Tony’s eyes, Jamie grinned, “Sin bin, huh? Yeah,
I think we could do a little sinning. But what if someone comes


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